Sustainable Engine Design

Combining efficient combustion technology with cutting edge battery and electric motor technologies, Kavinci is pioneering a new wave of sustainable motor design. In doing so, Kavinci is developing units that result in lower emissions without compromising on performance or versatility.

Advanced Manufacturing

Kavinci is currently leveraging advances in manufacturing such as 3D printing, used as part of the rapid prototyping stage, whilst looking to opportunities in the future such as cobotics (where people and robotics collaborate )and augmented wearables, to name a few.

Intuitive & Intelligent Technology

By utilising advances in software technology, Kavinci is developing more intuitive and intelligent products. Specifically, advancements will focus on improving safety and ease of use from deployment and loading to hazard avoidance and weather alerting systems.

Embedded Innovation

From design and conceptualisation, to manufacturing, graphic design and sales, Kavinci manages products across their lifecycle to ensure innovation across every stage.

Our Mission

Build smart, clean, range-extending hybrid electric drivetrains with enhanced power, performance and
a significantly smaller carbon footprint.


Kavinci is an innovative powersports manufacturer, with engineering and motor manufacturing based in Melbourne, Australia and a composite manufacturing based in Banbueng Thailand.

Since commencing in 2008, Kavinci has evolved from a composite component manufacturer to an advanced engineering company with high level motor construction and electrical motor management capability. All motor components including the complete drive-train are designed and manufactured in its Australian Facility based in Seaford.

Kavinci has built its name as a market disruptor, from challenging the status quo of the global PWC market via products that are powerful yet lightweight, efficient and environmentally-sensitive to producing the worlds first buy and ride freestyle PWC.

Our Expert Team

Chris Barton

Global Strategic Operations

Tom Bendall

Mechanical Engineer

Nathan Pekolj

Mechanical Engineer

Stèphane Pain

Electrical Engineer

Thomas Li Mow Chee

Mechanical Engineer

Ethan Suter